3 quick tips to help you nurture your friendships

Written by Soraya R


Posted on February 09 2021

Hello there,

Want to nurture your friendships in this difficult time?

Let me share with you my 3 top tips to creating special moments and connecting in spite of the barriers we might be currently facing.


Quick Tip 1: Make contact

Today, make a list of someone to call, text, or FaceTime. 

Allocating a few minutes each day to call/text a love one will help you — and them — feel more connected.

 I realised that if I don’t write it down and allocate time to this, it never happens.

 Quick Tip 2:  Let yourself be vulnerable

Let your guard down with a friend, they, in turn, will also feel safe to do the same. And this is how real friendship develops – when you have shared in vulnerability it refreshes and enriches your souls.

This tip is gold, a few days ago I shared, with a close friend, my sadness of not being able to see my mama this year (she lives in Paris), she gave me the best advice (not to focus on the things I can’t control!) and then she also opened to me so I was also able to comfort her. At the end of the conversation we felt so much better and closer than ever.

 Quick Tip 3: Show gratitude

Order a few gifts and have them delivered directly to your loved ones.

They say that actions speak louder than words, and there’s no better way to say you appreciate someone than through gift giving. You can make someone happy with a simple gift. It doesn’t need to be expensive, just be thoughtful.

Well this tip is my favourite <3, gift giving is so powerful and even more when it is not expected. Last week, a lovely lady asked me if she could order 3 jewellery boxes and have them shipped to 3 different addresses in Melbourne. She wanted to send love to her mama friends in lockdown #sothoughtful <3

A small gesture comes a long way... Just read how this beautiful women felt when they received their personalised gifts :

Happy Gift receivers reviews

When you give someone something that speaks to them personally, it becomes more than just a gift. It becomes a symbol of your bond and the special connection you have. 

It shows that you care about what makes them unique, which is all people want in this world- to be accepted and love for who they are.

There you go!

3 quick tips to help you nurture your relationships.

I have tried all 3 myself, and they all work amazingly well. Now, it’s your turn.

Soraya xx





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